WAVE59 PRO 2.43 Crack Free Download

Wave59 PRO 2 Crack Free Download, Wave59’s Advanced Features include refined and modernized versions of familiar tools and techniques, as well as unique & proprietary applications found in no other platform on Earth.

Wave59 PRO 2 free download

Advanced Features:

  • Smoothed and Lag-Free Indicators
  • Only available with Wave59

If you’re trading with RSI, Stochastics, or any of the old style indicators, it’s time to upgrade your tool kit. The Wave59 Advanced Trading Platform takes advantage of today’s computing power to perform highly advanced analyses that would have been impossible less than a generation ago.

Exhaustion Bars based on price patterns that appear at important turning points in the market. Wave59 examines the data in real time and pops a dot up on the screen when a pattern match is found.

Modified Lomb Periodogram. The red oscillator reveals the relationship to the dominant market cycle. Wave59’s proprietary version is intelligent enough to know when it’s confused. The green histogram indicates the level of error so you can trade with confidence.

  • Full array of technical indicators
  • Hive Technology artificial intelligence module
  • Market Astrophysics
  • System Testing
  • Integrated Order Execution
  • Pattern Building & Matching
  • The Fibonacci Vortex
  • Full suite of Gann-based tools
  • Training Mode
  • Neural Networks

Additionally, Wave59 PRO2 gives you maximum flexibility to perform advanced analysis:

  • Multiple Chart Styles (ohlc, candlesticks, line-on-close)
  • Full control over all visual elements: bar thickness, chart colors, spacing etc
  • Full control of all indicator parameter settings
  • QScript editor – build custom functions, indicators and systems
  • Tradestation Easylanguage converter

Wave59 PRO2 is designed for traders who want an all-encompassing analytics and trading platform.  With Wave59 PRO2 you can perform an entire range of advanced analyses and execute trades, plus build automated trading systems, all from the powerful Advanced Trading Platform.  You also have the ability to choose the real-time data feed option and pricing plan that’s best for you – and you can also import data into Wave59 PRO2 via the built-in Data Manager. 

Read the Review of Wave59 in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine. Whether you trade Futures, Forex, Options, Commodities or Stocks, with Wave59’s proprietary & powerful Advanced Features, you will see your markets as never before.

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Wave59 PRO 2 Crack Free Download