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Optuma crack Enterprise Edition download. This article mentioned about optuma full crack download. Optuma Enterprise is a best GannTrader Software tool. It is first choice of W.D. Gann lovers, financial advisors, CMT aspirants & traders too.

Optuma 2.1 Enterprise Edition with GannTrader & Astro Edition


Titleoptuma full crack download
Product NameOptuma GannTrader & AstroTrader Software
CategoryTechnical Analysis Software
Rating5 (8643 Ratings)
License Key7798F54
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How to download Optuma Software Crack ?

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Features of optuma full crack

  • Helps in making Investment decisions
  • Easy Charts customization
  • Great Workflow Management tool
  • easy programming scripts
  • More Astrological tools
  • easy workbooks management
  • financial astrology tools
  • amazing scanner facility
  • beck-testing tools
  • Price& Time Analysis Tools
  • RRG i.e. Relative Rotation graph
  • Time & Price forecasting techniques involving Eclipses
  • Customized Seasonal Analysis
  • Time by Solar Degrees tools

Optuma has more than 490 tools along with advanced charting tools:

Averages (30)Hull (7)
Barros (5)Hurst (4)
Beck (4)Jenkins (10)
Berg (5)Levels (15)
Brown (5)Line Studies (10)
Cycles (14)ND Research Volatility Studies (4)
Data (8)Optuma Extreme Tools (6)
Drawing (17)PASCAL Custom Programming Module (23)
DVAN SmartLines (6)Point & Figure (2)
Ehlers (24)Price (58)
Fibonacci (10)Publishing (4)
Fourier (3)RRG Tool Module (1)
Gann & Astro (40)Statistical (23)
General Information (0)Stops (6)
Geometric (16)Swings (6)
Guppy (5)Volatility (6)
Harmonic Patterns (3)Volume (27)
Hathaway (5)Wyler (1)
Optuma feature list

System Requirements for optuma full cracked:

  • Microsoft Windows 7/8, 10 or higher
  • Graphics Card with minimum 512MB Memory
  • 4 GB System Memory
  • 1 GB Disk Space


Optuma crack download is which edition of Software ?

It is Enterprise Edition of Optuma 2.1 Enterprise edition of Optuma includes all features.

Does Optuma full crack includes Gann & Astro Modules ?

Yes, it has both Gann & Astro Modules enabled.

Contact information:

Email: [email protected]

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